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Titel: VIP-Chauffeur, Limousinen, Premium-Fahrdienst
Gültig bis:    16.10.2019
Inseraten-Nr. 321350
Rurbrik Dienstleistung - Beratung
Titel VIP-Chauffeur, Limousinen, Premium-Fahrdienst
As one of Switzerland 's leading luxury transportation management company, 
Lorenz & Rochat has developped its very own online booking and dispatch 
platform. It allows both clients and partners to easily access the reservation 
system. Our online software also allows our team to rapidly communicate and be 
notified of any changes and offers a great deal of other very handy 

All our chauffeurs are carefully selected, fully trained and punctual. They all 
speak at least fluent English and French. A few do speak other languages such 
as Russian, Spanish, German, Arabic and Italian. Equipped with iPads and 
always connected, they are highly all responsive and ready to monitor all flights 
and welcome their guests with custom signboards.   

All of this greatly contributes to make Lorenz & Rochat the obvious choice when 
it comes to VIP services, events and financial roadshows in Geneva, Lausanne, 
Zurich, Basel, Saint-Moritz and Lugano.

Location 1219  Genève  GE
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